From Porky Dessert Sandwiches to Bacon-Wrapped Cookies

 - May 14, 2015
Salty and sweet has long proven to be a winning combination among breakfast foods, but now consumers can enjoy this delicious flavor fusion in the form of tantalizing bacon desserts. While the idea of adding bacon to your favorite dessert may seem strange at first, the unexpected flavor mash-up can transform any dish into something extraordinary.

For the more adventurous flavor-seekers, sizzling bacon Cannolis and boozy bacon milkshakes offer the ultimate form of indulgence. However, for those looking for a more subtle bacon taste, snacks such as bacon-topped popcorn provide just the perfect hint of savory bacon flavor. From chocolate cakes, to donuts and even banana bread, bacon adds a salty and sweet dimension of flavor to any beloved dessert.

With these extravagant bacon desserts, consumers can now take their favorite surgery dishes to a whole new level.