These Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies are Also Infused with Meaty Flavor

 - Apr 29, 2015
References: baconfreak
Sweet with salty is a proven favorite combination in snacks, but consider these standout pretzel chocolate chip cookies. Made by Boss Hoe's, the baked goods bring three popular eats together into a wacky bite-sized treat that's sold in threes.

The recipe calls for chunks of bacon and spoonfuls of peanut butter to be kneaded into the cookie dough. Once the mixture is scooped onto the baking sheet, whole pretzels are pressed onto the tops for extra crunch and flavor. The finished products have a visible uniqueness.

The production of these eccentric pretzel chocolate chip cookies underline a demand for more unique flavors of favorite sweets. These biscuits also fit within a prevailing trend of adding bacon to all sorts of foods in unexpected and often peculiar ways.