This Dude Foods Recipe Combines a Bacon Strip with Oreo Cookies

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: dudefoods
Dude Foods is known for its outrageous food pairings and in this case, pairing bacon strip with Oreo cookies holds true to its reputation.

The recipe for these sweet bacon strips involves scraping off all the white icing from in between the Oreo cookies and melting it down to make a glaze. Once it's in liquid form, the frosting can be brushed onto the raw bacon strips. Instead of pan-frying them, for this recipe Dude Foods recommends putting the strips onto a rack on top of a baking sheet, to catch any drips. This also makes it easy to flip the bacon half way through so that the sides can cook evenly.

Although the Oreos were dismantled earlier in the recipe, the cookie parts are not wasted, since they can be crumbled and sprinkled over top of the sweet bacon strips.