From Pasta Bacon Taco Hybrids to Ice Cream Cereal Tacos

 - Jun 21, 2015
These tantalizing taco dishes demonstrate that you don't necessarily need tortillas and salsa to make the perfect taco. With innovative ingredients and unusual flavor combinations, these tasty tacos can be enjoyed all year round.

Some of the more unusual taco dishes are those that attempt to use unconventional ingredients. For example, some taco recipes substitute standard tortillas for shells made from waffles, lettuce, spaghetti noodles and and even strips of bacon. And it is not just the taco shell that has been replaced. Some of these unique taco dishes also feature unorthodox fillings such as sausage and eggs or ice cream and chocolate.

For something more traditional, there are a number of recipes that stick to the classic taco formula, but add a tasty twist. For example, there are taco dishes with non-traditional meat fillings such as sirloin steak, corned beef and even soy chicken. While it may not be beef, these taco recipes stick to classic taco flavors and traditional Mexican ingredients.