The Taco Bell Quesalupa is a Quesadilla and Chalupa Hybrid

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: usatoday
The Taco Bell Quesalupa is a quesadilla and chalupa hybrid. The tasty recipe is packed in a cheese-stuffed taco shell and is available in 36 Taco Bell locations across Toledo, Ohio.

The fast food chain's new product is being offered during a test run that is meant to illustrate its success level. While the permanent future of the Taco Bell Quesalupe is yet to be determined, cheese lovers everywhere are rejoicing and cannot wait to get their hands on the newly released product.

Priced at a rate of $2.99, the fast food treat is infused with rich monteray jack and cheddar cheese ingredients and also features Taco Bell's signature blend of beef, lettuce, tomato and sour cream toppings. The product will appeal to fans of Taco Bell's hybrid recipes like the widely popular Doritos Locos Tacos product.