- Jun 12, 2015
These enticing egg dishes go beyond simple omelets and frittatas to offer you a whole new range of exciting egg-centric meal options. With eggs found in most households across the country, this farm fresh ingredient is perfect for pairing with nearly any dish.

Eggs are a beloved breakfast ingredient because they are incredibly versatile and can be extremely easy to prepare. Many of these dishes capitalize on the convenience of eggs with recipes that are quick and easy to whip up on a busy morning. Some examples of easy egg recipes involve using the microwave to make a perfect poached egg or even a quiche in just a few minutes time. Other simple recipes involve baking eggs inside of different vegetables such as peppers and avocados.

For more adventurous home chefs, there are are number of egg dishes that use the ingredient to elevate some of the most basic breakfast recipes. From egg-infused waffles to breakfast bagels and even savory omelet scones, eggs are perfect for nearly any morning meal.

Of course, eggs aren't just limited to breakfast. Eggs have proven to be a perfect pairing for entrees such as pizza, tacos, burgers and even poutine. Indeed, this farm fresh staple is an ingredient that is as versatile as it is tasty.

From Quail Egg Poutines to Crocodile Egg Ice Creams: