Davao Crocodile Park Sells Ice Cream with Unfertilized Crocodile Eggs

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: facebook & designtaxi
Davao Crocodile Park, along with its Sweet Spot ice cream shop, is offering consumers an eggs-otic treat to beat the heat. However, many can argue how popular it will truly become, because its an ice cream made from crocodile eggs.

Picky eaters and vegetarians alike don't need to worry though, the cold concoction doesn't actually contain croc fetus; the eggs used are unfertilized. Thus, there is no need to fear licking up any scales.

The ice cream comes in three flavors: crocodile durian, crocodile pandan, and crocodile dragon fruit. Both the fruits and crocodile eggs used are native to Southeast Asia and according to shop owner Biana Dizon, "The crocodile egg yolks enhance the texture of the ice cream," making it "so smooth and creamy."