McDonald's Menu in Japan Now Includes Hawaiian Burgers

The World Mac Hawaii campaign from McDonald's features two Hawaiian burgers that deliver a taste of the island life to Japan. These island-inspired burgers take inspiration from traditional Hawaiian dishes, such as kalua pork and loco moco, helping to bring some brightness and warmth to the cold and dark winter months of the year in Japan.

The Hawaiian Burger Pork burger is prepared with slow-cooked pork, a spicy patty, pineapple barbecue sauce, pickles and coleslaw. The second burger, the Loco Moco, looks more like American classic burger, with beef patties, egg, cheese and lettuce—but what gives this dish its taste of Hawaii is a gravy sauce. Other items on the menu include tropical pancakes and McShakes that incorporate flavors like banana, pineapple and other fresh island fruits.