From Gourmet Halal Poutines to Upscale Wasabi Sliders

 - Sep 8, 2015
These multicultural dining innovations range from gourmet halal poutines to pasta dishes that boast a Jamaican flair. Fusing flavors that are native to various cultures, these restaurant concepts and menu items challenge tradition and draw inspiration from a city's diverse population.

Standouts include Toronto's 'Rasta Pasta,' an eatery that offers Caribbean-themed pasta dishes and Montreal's 'Maison Publique,' a restaurant that offers French Canadian dishes with a multicultural twist -- each of the establishment's signature dishes borrows from various cultures that inhibit its local neighbourhood.

Other multicultural dining favorites range from Halal food festivals to savory smoothies that are inspired by Asian entrees. While Toronto's Halal Food Fest celebrates exotic dishes, a meal-inspired smoothie range by Panda Express re-invents Asian cuisine with unexpected beverages.