This Montreal Eatery Serves Dishes Inspired by Local Immigrant Communities

'Maison Publique' is a Montreal restaurant that serves dishes inspired by local immigrant communities. While Quebec boasts a proud French-Canadian identity, the province is home to many different ethnic groups. This restaurant combines traditional French-Canadian ingredients with multicultural recipes.

Maison Publique serves a variety of cross-cultural dishes that range from Asian-inspired salads to British meat pies. More than 90 percent of the ingredients used in the restaurant come from Quebec and all the dishes are made from scratch. Chef Derek Dammann works with local suppliers and nearby farms to use rare Québécois ingredients in new and innovative ways. This eatery's cross-cultural menu uses local immigrant influences to modernize traditional French-Canadian cuisine.

By drawing inspiration from local immigrant communities, the popular Montreal restaurant achieves the perfect balance between Canada's past and present.