This Egg and Bacon Ramen Noodle Dish is Perfect for the Morning

If you thought instant noodles were only for lunch and dinner then make room for this egg and bacon Ramen noodle dish that is perfect for breakfast. Now you can start your day off right with an instant noodle soup that is packed with protein.

To make this breakfast soup dish begin by boiling up a back of instant noodles. Infuse the broth with accompanying season packet as well as chili paste, chicken broth, nori and sesame oil. This will kick up the flavor profile of the traditional instant noodle soup and add a distinctive Asian taste. Add a soft boiled into the soup along with several pieces of crispy bacon. When you're ready to eat pop the egg yolk so that the yolk runs into the broth. Garnish with fresh green scallions for a pop of color and enjoy!