Cat Bowen of Breakfast to Bed Creates a Simple Breakfast Recipe

 - Jan 5, 2015
References: breakfasttobed
Poached eggs is easily considered one of the toughest egg dishes to make, yet this Microwave Poached Eggs recipe shows that it can be a lot simpler if approached a different way. Instead of being prepared on the stove, this recipe calls for another appliance, as stated in the title. People might scoff at the idea of using a microwave, but the results are impressively the same.

Conceived by Cat Bowen of Breakfast to Bed, the Microwave Poached Eggs recipe is easy to execute. All a person needs is a small bowl, hot water, salt, cider vinegar and some relatively steady hands. One the egg is carefully cracked into the bowl containing these ingredients, Bowen calls for 2.5 to 3 minutes of nuking until it comes out. Perfectly, it should be stated.