This Quiche-in-a-Mug is Quick and Easy to Complete

 - Jan 5, 2015
References: fullthymestudent
This microwave quiche-in-a-mug recipe by Full Thyme Student only takes one minute to complete.

Now, I know what you're thinking: microwaves are meant for making TV dinners and reheating leftovers, not attempting real-deal recipes like quiche. However, as this recipe shows us, this is simply not the case. The microwave is a serious apparatus that can be used to make delicious meals and snacks. Best of all? This quick, single-serving recipe is made and served in a mug, meaning that there's virtually no clean-up!

To make, you'll need one large egg, grape tomatoes, butter, whole milk, bread, cheese and fresh herbs. You can also add ham, cheese and vegetables, depending on your personal preference and/or level of hunger.