The Smitten Kitchen Baked Eggs Recipe is a Morning Meal

 - Apr 28, 2014
References: smittenkitchen & smittenkitchen
The Smitten Kitchen baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms recipe mixes up traditional lasagna dishes. Although shaped and served much like a traditional lasagna, this delectable mixture adds a hearty brunch twist to the mealtime staple.

Cream, black pepper, minced garlic cloves and grated nutmeg have been blended together in a single tray for this Smitten Kitchen post. A dozen eggs make for generous portions and servings for a full table. The baked egg theme is also relatively healthy as hunks of sauteed spinach encase the platter, enabling eaters to get their daily dose of greens in a delicious manner.

Thin slices of Parmesan cheese add further flavor, making the mixture savory while also slightly salty.