Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs is a Doughy Ball of Chocolate Goodness

 - Apr 15, 2014
References: kirbiecravings & neatorama
Easter Sunday is just around the corner, which means good food and even better desserts including the Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs. Hiding eggs for little ones can really increase a person's appetite. Instead of munching on regular fare, a special treat for the holidays is in order. Although not made exclusively for adults, considering how much chocolate children will walk away with, it should be.

Created by San Diego-based Kirbie’s Cravings, the Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs dish is quite simple to make. In addition to a bunch of Cadbury Eggs (both big and small), a person needs one canister thin crust Pillsbury pizza dough. Once each egg is wrapped in a layer of the dough, it is fried in vegetable oil. The result? "A fried dough ball of goodness with chocolate and a melted creme center."