These Doughnut Macarons are the Perfect Hybrid of Two Stellar Desserts

 - Mar 12, 2012
References: raspberricupcakes
For those who believe that everything goes better with a doughnut there are these cute Doughnut Macarons. Created by the blogger Steph, from the astonishing baking blog 'Raspberri Cupcakes,' these cute sprinkle-coated macarons are sure to put a smile on your face. Carefully shaped, filled and stacked, these Doughnut Macarons come eerily close to looking like the real deal.

The Doughnut Macaron's shells are spiked with brown sugar and cinnamon to give them the flavor of an old fashion cake doughnut. Once baked into the shape of a doughnut, the shells are slathered with a strawberry jam buttercream and sandwiched together. As a final flourish, the Doughnut Macarons are topped off with a healthy dose of rainbow sprinkles.

Deliciously darling and playful, these Doughnut Macarons deliver all the flavor of a doughnut in an airy bite-sized package.