Out of Disorder by Takahiro Iwasaki Depicts Miniature Japanese Power Plant

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: kawasaki-museum.jp & beautifuldecay
Out of Disorder by Takahiro Iwasaki is not one's average diorama. Instead of relying on typical materials found in craft and hobby stores, or even the now common food-focused miniature sets, the Japanese artist uses human hair. As intricate as his previous sculptures involving duct tape and thread, this diorama is also created using cloth fibers and dust.

Displayed at the Kawasaki City Museum earlier this year, Out of Disorder by Takahiro Iwasaki is inspired by the industrial rise of Japan. It depicts scenes of large refineries and power plants that reference satellite images from Google Earth. Gritty and melancholy, the charcoal-colored diorama captures the essence of such industrial scenes. It depicts an era of post-war Japan that is now long gone.