Rondle Royce Uses Figurines in His Plastic Sculpture Series

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: studiorondle & faithistorment
Mashing up the iconography of different cultural references, artist Rondle Royce creates his plastic sculpture series using a multitude of toys and figurines.

Symbolically referencing pop culture, modern technology and science fiction, Royce correlates those ideologies with religion and faith. The clustered style of the sculpture series is very similar to the Ganesha sculptures of Indian culture that feature lots of detailing and in-depth carvings of multiple figures in the religious culture. By painting each design in a single, solid color, Royce gives it the appearance of being a carved diorama, while the bright hues impart joviality.

This captivating plastic sculpture series poignantly points out the ways in which modern-day cultural ideals and iconic symbols correspond with traditional religious beliefs.