These Princess Bride Scenes are Reconstructed Using LEGO Building Blocks

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: flickr & technabob
Several artists recently came together to recreate cinematic Princess Bride scenes with various colored LEGO building blocks. The result was these miniature cube dioramas that perfectly replicate several moments from the classic fairytale film.

The Princess Bride is one of those movies you saw as a child that taught you about love, vengeance and honor. The film, based on the book by William Goldman, tells the tail of Princess Buttercup and her love Westley. Max Pointer along with several other talented artists recreated various comical scenes from the film entirely out of mini LEGO blocks. Everything from the characters to the setting has been perfectly replicated using tiny toy cubes.

A personal favorite is the LEGO diorama that depicts the battle of wits between Westley and the Sicilian.