The LG 'So Real, It's Scary' Campaign Involves a Deathly Illusion

 - Oct 25, 2012
References: lg & mymodernmet
The LG 'So Real, It's Scary' campaign involves a clever prank that will surely turn a few elevator riders' hair grey. As though inspired by the work of artist Andrew Walker, who turned an elevator ride at the Southside Shopping Centre in London into a terrifying experience, this public stunt revolves around a floor made out of the electronic company's new IPS computer monitors.

Essentially, the monitors give the realistic illusion that people were about to plummet to their untimely death because the floor tiles appear to fall away as soon as the lights flicker. Hence the tag line in the LG 'So Real, It's Scary' campaign. A scary sight, to say the least, this would be the perfect April Fool's Day prank.