- Dec 28, 2014
In this age of technology and social media, capturing the attention of consumers for even a second can be challenging, but these innovative TV marketing campaigns are here to showcase how a little creative thinking can go a long way.

Going beyond traditional print ads and commercial campaigns, TV shows are turning to things like over-the-top publicity stunts and online engagements to generate consumer interest. Nowadays it takes more than a mere 30-second ad to capture viewer attention, people need to feel invested and involved in order to dedicate their time to watching a specific series over another. These innovative TV marketing campaigns are showcasing examples of how television shows are going that extra mile to stand out amongst their competitors.

From shows like The Walking Dead using zombie pranks as a promotional tool to TV shows that use platforms like Twitter and Instagram as a base for premieres, these marketing tactics are showcasing how television networks are using unexpected techniques as a means to generate buzz and awareness.

From Superhero Simulation Games to Promotional Zombie Burgers: