Lincoln's #SteerTheScript Campaign Creates a Romantic Story

 - Feb 4, 2013
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The new #SteerTheScript campaign by Lincoln came to fruition last night during the Super Bowl, when this commercial aired for the first time on broadcast television.

#SteerTheScript was a unique collaboration between Lincoln, Jimmy Fallon and fans on Twitter. The idea was to have audiences tweet in parts of the story to Jimmy Fallon's account. All kinds of people tweeted one random part of a story and then Lincoln put a few of them together to create this odd romance plot.

A woman is seen driving down a winding road when she picks up a charming hitchhiker. After meeting bikers at a turtle crossing and crashing a movie set full of aliens, the couple eventually gets hitched. This commercial mimics a popular writing exercise which calls for everyone in the room to make up the next line of a story until everyone is gone. It usually produces a funny story too.