- Jul 7, 2015
The Mars One mission, NASA's Curiosity rover and the commercialization of space flights, are all causing a renewed interest in space travel that's being seen in everything from pop culture to products and out-of-this-world food and drinks.

While some products like Moonbar's energy bars are branded in a way that makes reference to space themes, others go for a more authentic approach, even going so far as to package food items in tubes, imitating the way astronauts keep themselves fed in outer space.

In line with this theme for authenticity, Jose Cuervo sent a cocktail shaker into space to chill a margarita, while Ardbeg sent whiskey beyond Earth's atmosphere to ferment. Now that travel on our own planet has become so easy, consumers are looking for real and space-inspired products that make them like astronauts.

These Out-of-This-World Food Products Delight Earthlings with Novelty: