These L'eclat Chocolates are Inspired by the Planets in Our Solar System

 - Apr 25, 2014
References: & lostateminor
Forget about Mars, Milky Way and Galaxy bars -- if you truly want an extra-terrestrial chocolate-eating experience, you'll want to get your hands on these planet-shaped chocolates from L'eclat.

L'eclat, chocolatiers for the Rihga Royal Hotel in Japan, created a range of delicious chocolates that closely resemble the planets in our solar system. And yes, that means Pluto isn't included.

The collection includes Mercury (coconut mango), Venus (cream and lemon), Earth (cacao), Mars (orange praline), Jupiter (vanilla), Saturn (rum raisin), Uranus (milk tea) and Neptune (cappuccino). While the chocolates do resemble the planets in terms of color, they are all sized the same unlike real planets.

Each planetary chocolate costs 400 yen, or about $4. Order the entire set for 3,800 yen ($37), and L'eclat will throw in a Sun made of criollo chocolate and pineapple.