Game of Thrones Fans Tweeted to 'Bring Down the King'

There were a lot of characters in Game of Thrones season three that didn't make it to season four, but unfortunately, the terrible tyrant King Joffrey was not one of them—but that's where the 'Bring Down the King' campaign comes in.

To the frustration of fans, it seems like the death of Joffrey will never come, but New Zealand's DDB agency made it feel at least a little bit closer. A giant 22' statue of the boy king was erected and each tweet containing #BringTheKingDown brought an old fashioned system of rope and gears brought the statue that much closer to falling over.

As the statue got closer and closer to being pulled from its platform, a huge gathering of Game of Thrones fans came to watch the spectacle, which happened right around the time of the season four premiere.