- May 14, 2015
Just as important as shoes are to women, neckties and bow ties can complete any man's outfit. With so many options in the fashion world, there is always something interesting and different to try out.

Modern neckties come in a wide range of styles and materials to highlight individuality. What may have once been considered a dorky man's formal-only attire piece, is now used to showcase a fun and sophisticated style.

It's also important to note that the different ways of fastening the necktie can add a bit of flavor to an outfit. Dual-functioning neck accessories such as the USBowtie, will double as a handy file storing device as well as a great necktie. For the young at heart, there are always ways to dress down a suit, but for the business men, there are always ways to add a punch of character to the average suit ensemble.

From Wooden Bow Ties to Edgy Neck Adornments: