Smoking Popes' Guide Provides a Rundown on 30 Different Tie Knots

Providing expert style tips and inspiration for men, Smoking Popes set out to study some of the most unusual and different tie knots and as a result, complied a handy guide on '30 Ingenious Ways to Tie a Tie for Any and Every Situation.'

The guide is based on four factors, where each necktie knot is judged on a scale of its aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty and knot size. Beyond the basic necktie knot, you might not even know that there are styles like the Elderedge, Novotny, Fishbone and Rose Knot. Each of these knot styles is accompanied with a video guide and a comprehensive breakdown on the best fabrics, tie width, length, face shape and collar style to compliment each type, which is a handy reference for next time you feel like getting extra fancy.

Check out all 30 styles here.