- Jul 19, 2015
Animal print accessories add an unmatched edge to any wardrobe. These pieces include all kinds of exotic animal skins for fashion fans and animal lovers.

The 10.Deep Holiday '13 collection features a line of items paying homage to leopard print. Much like the bold beanies that feature exotic leopard spots, New Era's leopard snapback also offers the same exotic leopard print. Though leopard print is the most stylish animal skin, these animal print accessories also include rare giraffe print. The Hill-Side's giraffe print bowties add a little humor to formal attire whereas Sally Design's brass steampunk necklaces feature giraffe print and the elegant animals themselves.

From cheetah to zebra print, these animal print accessories are perfect for the modern wardrobe.

From Animal Print Timepieces to Upcycled Two-Toned Purses: