The Brass Steampunk Lockets are Stunningly Crafted

 - Dec 21, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
Sally Design makes steampunk lockets that fuse traditional antique engravings with industrial subculture aesthetics.

Brass is the main metal that the Etsy jewelry designer uses to make her items stand out. Lockers are polished and pristine, open up to reveal an interior decorated in pastel floral designs or classy engravings of fauna. Most of the lockets depict colored metal animals. Some of which are decorated with crystals that become their eyes, nose or even their feathers in the case with the dunk.

Sally Design contains a large variety of steampunk lockets that are suitable for all ages. There are the cute lovable giraffe necklaces for ladies and the coiled slithering snake keepsakes for the fellers who admire the qualities of brass.