MINI Belux ‘Fan the Flame' Advertising Campaign

Mini Belux ‘Fan the Flame’ now broadcasts Mini’s flair for social media by roping a MINI Countryman on a slope of only 15 degrees with a flame that is slowly burning the rope. How does the public get involved? Once one likes the Facebook page, they will be able to witness the hanging vehicle (yes, only after liking the page!) and be given a chance to shoot a flame at the rope. Whoever’s flame manages to completely burn through the rope and send the Countryman smooth sailing at 15 degrees will be given the vehicle for free to continue sailing while in the driver’s seat.

The automotive sector may be home to a plethora of design and manufacturing advancements; however, highly unique and attention-grabbing advertising techniques remain quite rare within the sector. It is difficult to deviate from regular methods (such as car commercials) that portray vehicles speeding across various settings, but the MINI Countryman has been given quite a large 15 minutes of fame thanks to Mini Belux Fan the Flame!