Gomes Da Costa Wraps Canned Goods and Depicts It as Fresh Fishy Goodness

 - Jun 6, 2012
References: gomesdacosta.br & ibelieveinadv
Unless you're a house cat who loves to eat tuna from a can, people prefer fresh fish and Gomes da Costa finds a clever way to make packaged fish more appealing.

This advertising campaign ups its sales by using a simple and inexpensive technique: wrapping canned fish with newspaper. This clever stunt is a great way to send out a message that Gomes da Costa's canned fish is just as good as fresh fish.

The video shows a vendor wrapping newspaper around a Gomes da Costa can as fresh fish are wrapped in the old fashion way. He places it on ice and presents it as fresh fish. This stunt had people bewildered for a second and they then proceeded to purchase the goods. There's no need to come up with a new product but instead, embellish it.