Ice Customer Rewards Tries to Catch the Eyes of Consumers

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: myice & telegraph
With the world economy in the state it's in, it shouldn't be difficult to give cash away for free; however, nationwide, free cash experiments led by a UK loyalty firm called Ice have proven that it's near impossible.

The company sent out five women sporting sandwich boards reading "Ask me to pay your bus fare and I will" to bus stations across England and Scotland, exposing the catch-free offer to tens of thousands of bus travelers. The results? A total of only 38 people across five stations at rush hour took them up on the offer.

Perhaps people are becoming blinded by the sheer volume of deals and offers that bombard inboxes daily, or perhaps society is too prepared to look a gift horse in the mouth, having become cynical with age. More interestingly, the vast majority of people willing to take Ice up on its free cash experiments were under 18s.