Pprofessors 'Red People' project Adds Comedic Color to Moscow

 - Mar 10, 2012
References: collabcubed & notcot.org
The Pprofessors 'Red People' project will definitely have the people of Moscow staring in wonder and beginning to ponder how crazy street artists can be. The project involves the construction of large red block characters without heads that are posted in various public locations, some climbing walls like Spiderman and others sitting atop buildings. The characters could be sitting regularly, waving or holding items.

They are all red and their items, if they are holding any, are white. They have drawn much attention across Moscow and the Pprofessors, Malevich, Rodchenko, Bruskin, Giacometti, Haring and Gormley, are to thank for this bizarre, yet comedic piece of public art. Some of these boxy red bodies have even become built-in, permanent members of their environments. Their contrasting color and blocky structure cannot go unnoticed, leaving the Pprofessors Red People project a huge success.