- Oct 24, 2013
These creative graffiti marketing techniques are showcasing how modern advertisements are incorporating more youthful and artistic aspects to engage viewers and consumers.

While graffiti may still be considered to some as scribbles and illegal tagging of public properly, others view these illustrations as works of art, a platform for local artists to express their thoughts, views and creative ability. And it is because graffiti has become so popular and widely recognized on streets and buildings that marketers are starting to utilize these artistic techniques in their labels and ads. By showcasing graffiti on a product design or commercial, marketers are able to connect with that hip and youthful audience, which most often can respect and appreciate the use of those designs.

From graffiti street advertisements to street art wine labels, these graffiti marketing techniques will surely make an impact with their use of artistic inspirations.

From Graffiti-Infused Magazines to Stop-Motion Graffiti Ads: