Spectacular Smirnoff Presents Ideas by Ad Agency Wieden + Kennedy

 - Dec 10, 2012
References: wk & psfk
Graffitti artists come out to play in this clever Smirnoff Vodka advertising campaign created by the geniuses over at Wieden + Kennedy (W+K).

The agency hired on a graffiti group Grupo Acidum who ventured around the city tagging various buildings with only one criteria in mind: keeping it within a Creatures Of The Night theme. The taggers made use of glow in the dark paint that can only be seen at night as well as accompanied with a black light. The art was strategically placed in various hot spots around the city and were only visibly seen when the blacklights were turned on at spontaneous moments, which was done to add an extra element of surprise.

The work of Wieden + Kennedy, which appeals to a young, urban crowd, is a spectacular and engaging sight that will keep passerby's enthralled and entertained.