The Americans for Grammar Ads Illustrate the Importance of Spelling

 - Feb 17, 2012
References: yr & adsoftheworld
Seeing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in graffiti probably doesn't mean much to you, but these Americans for Grammar print ads want you to stop and notice the butchering of language found everywhere these days.

The campaign was created by advertising agency Y&R Chicago and features street art that is profane, but most importantly, full of errors that would make grammar nuts everywhere go crazy. The ads hilariously correct words like "Biatch" that are spelled incorrectly as "Biacth." The Americans for Grammar ads want everyone to take note of how language is deteriorating as the use of slang increases and traditional modes of communication decrease.

The Americans for Grammar campaign will remind you that proper use of the English language is important even when you're rebelling against the system.