From Surreal Transformation Animations to Melting Illustrations

 - Jan 17, 2014
This surreal imagery begs the question, why look at real when you could look at surreal? These images bend the lines of reality while also fueling the fires of imagination.

It's not strange to see somebody put a trippy illusion photo as their computer background or to see glowing body paint party pictures shared across your Facebook. This is for good reason, as they simply make for good photos. The idea of changing what's real, altering what's normal and enhancing the strange is what fuels innovation.

In the art world, avant-garde art and surrealism are prized possessions because they provide a look into the mind of the creators. You also don't have to explain why you have a painting of a man with two heads hanging up in your hallway because the best answer will always be "because surrealism."