Artist Okuda Created Lots of Surreal Rainbow Street Art in Spain

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: & koikoikoi
Artist Oscar San Miguel Erice, also known as Okuda, has created some extremely surreal rainbow street art around the streets of Madrid. These vibrant pieces play around with geometric shapes and bizarre visuals, and the end result is hard to ignore.

Many of Okuda's pieces include naked figures, which don't exactly meet the media standards for beauty. These nude characters are portrayed as obese. Okuda also incorporates beheaded wildlife, balloons, trees and stars in his street art. These pieces are found on the sides of buildings, mills, street signs, pavement and various other typically unglamorous areas.

These mind-bending artworks are thought-provoking, colorful and eye-catching. Okuda's rainbow street art is guaranteed to make passersby stop and smile.