These Colorful Paintings by Sonja Tines are Like a Visual Acid Trip

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: saatchionline & sweet-station
These extremely colorful paintings by German artist Sonja Tines feature furry critters, painted ladies and general craziness. This bizarre collection of paintings is filled with strange content that easily holds the viewer's stare.

Sonja’s paintings look like hallucinations that one might have if they dropped some acid. One of these strange works features a woman wearing a pink mask with ram horns attached. She also appears to be holding a leash attached to multiple flamingos. Paintings don’t get much weirder than that. Another of Sonja’s trippy paintings depicts a woman covered in card suits in a narrow hallway filled with portraits. What’s intriguing about this painting is the trio of scrappy red cats that are floating next to her.

Artist Sonja Tines has a talent for creating intense dream-like art works to capture her audience.