Kohei Yoshino’s Networks Ake-Vono Video Reinvents the Airp

 - Dec 1, 2013
References: vimeo & booooooom
Japanese animator Kohei Yoshino has made airplanes whimsical and a little trippy with his Networks Ake-Vono animation. The video features an empty airplane flying through sky suddenly changing shape to coincide with ever-changing architectural blueprints. The plane transforms into the Space Shuttle, some kind of alien space ship, a flying bird machine and others contraptions all while emitting geometric bubbles like exhaust fumes.

Geometric shapes seem to be a running theme of the video with various balls, cylindrical objects and other random things getting tossed around the plane. Even the plane itself transform by altering, adding, or taking away geometrically shaped parts of itself.

The video is colored in soft pastels and plenty of white and baby blue and accompanied by light pop music. The Networks Ake-Vono video is enjoyable and visually stimulating with its unusual, almost bizarre imagery.