Irena Zablotska Digitally Crafts Colorful and Surreal Imagery

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: zablotska & booooooom
Irena Zablotska is taking the psychedelic visuals of the ‘60s and ‘70s and contemporizing them using vector graphics. If you missed the era when surreal colors and trippy imagery dominated mainstream media, at least you can live vicariously through these illustrations.

Though Irena Zablotska filters her work through a computer to give it that clean overall finish, her creations still have that analog essence that make her images feel handmade. Using highly saturated colors in wacky ways coupled with zany anatomical organs arranged in peculiar compositions, Zablotska’s work engages viewers first by stimulating their ocular senses and then by tickling their minds. Her work is truly a visual treat.

Those wishing to explore more of Zablotska’s work may do so in various Russian art, fashion and design publications.