Uberkraaft Illustrates Some Trippy Detailed Images Without Color

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: uberkraaft & society6
These Uberkraaft illustrations look like the zany doodles I used to draw in my notebook whilst I should have been paying attention in class. The difference, however, is that these images are superbly rendered and now occupy the Internet whereas my creations were crudely drawn and are currently degrading in a landfill somewhere.

Uberkraaft is the moniker of talented freelance illustrator, artist, designer and creative director Matt Williams. Though his illustrative style resembles that of simplistic urban art, it's his ideas which are truly captivating for viewers' eyes to witness. The images he renders are psychedelic and playful in nature and because he packs so much detail into each drawing, his work always tickles viewers in a visually and cerebrally pleasing way.