These Pery Burge Photographs are Psychedelic

 - Feb 28, 2012
References: flickr & butdoesitfloat
This stunning, technicolored photographic series by Pery Burge features a series of vibrant hues that grab a viewer's attention. Combining conceptual imagery with a fearlessness with color, these electrifying art pieces are playful and spirited.

Infused with an abundance of energy, this art series challenges human perception, expressing movement and energy without giving viewers a clear picture of the subject it is portraying. A marriage of varying tonal hues and smooth, flowing shapes, this photographic series by Pery Burge is psychedelic.

With a focus on color, the artist plays with light modulation and manipulation, creating an end result that is both unexpected and aesthetically pleasing. An inspiring portrait series, these technicolored captures are artful and imaginative, evoking shape, movement and emotion with the use of eye-catching shades and conceptual subject matter.