From Girly Glam Exhaust Pipes to Blossoming Heart Pen Holders

 - Jan 14, 2014
To get you pumped for Valentines Day (or to console you,) here are some sweet romantic heart designs. Even if you wouldn't necessarily call yourself a romantic, there is still a strange pull many feel towards the famous shape. One thing is puzzling though. How did the human heart, a veiny creepy muscle, get turned into the iconic symbol of romance and love?

There are all kinds of romantic heart inspirations to be found. Some of them are the simple symbol and some of them more anatomically correct. Shoes, jewelry and a large amount of baked goods take inspiration from the internationally agreed upon image of love. However, if you aren't into all that girly love stuff, maybe an actual human heart is more up your alley. People have used the vital organ as inspiration for wine holders, vases and graphic sweaters.