These Heart-Shaped Vases are Sure to Inject Some Life into Your Room

These heart-shaped vases will pump life into any room. It's not often that human organs are the inspiration for home decor, but 'Ventricle Vase' series is something that design enthusiasts should look into.

Hand-made by Eva Milinkovic, the Ventricle Vase series are glass sculptures that are designed like human hearts. Created for the Tsunami Glassworks, these heart-shaped vases are perfect for a doctor's room. The mixture of colors provide a pleasing aesthetic appeal that makes the anatomy-inspired vase stand stand out. Each vase is hand-crafted by Milinkovic, which makes each vase unique from the others.

Most doctor offices are compromised with bland white colors, which make patients feel sterilized. The organ replicated vases are displays that many surgeons and doctors should outfit their offices with to provide them with some much needed visual stimulation.