The 'When in Gnome' Heels by Irregular Choice are Gnome-Supported

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: modcloth & fancy
Garden gnomes come in many whimsical poses, but these 'When in Gnome' shoes by Irregular Choice put these playful garden gnomes to work under your feet. The gnomes take the shape of mini weightlifters, reaching above their heads to support the weight of its wearer.

The rest of the velvet shoe is quite ordinary, featuring gold heart-shaped cutouts and polka dot patterning. But this just wouldn't be a true piece of Irregular Choice footwear if it didn't include one extremely unusual element.

The use of gnomes in Expedia commercials have given these mischievous garden creatures a reputation for being world-travelers -- and what better way for a gnome to see the world than travelling stylishly on a pair of shoes?