The DIY Book Engagement Ring Case Upcycles Old Textbooks

 - Dec 30, 2012
References: instructables & instructables
The last place your love may expect to find a ring is within the pages of a book engagement ring case.

Thanks to a fabulous DIY by Instructables Fado1986, you can turn an old textbook or novel into an unsuspecting ring box. Your fiance-to-be may believe she's opening up the hardcover of Huckleberry Fin or Advanced Algebra to improve her scholarly smarts when really she is being proposed to.

By using an Exacto knife, hardcover novel and scrapbook paper you can create your own book engagement ring case. A heart is carved out of the pages and replaced with a heart-shaped sponge to support the jeweled band. If you think your book lover would rather a cut-out of Super Mario, then that is completely up to you.