Farmer Hiroichi Kimura Has Harvested the First Heart-Shaped Watermelon

 - Sep 27, 2013
References: likecool & spicytec
Clever Japanese farmer Hiroichi Kimura has recently harvested the world’s very first heart-shaped watermelon. Kimura started working on this wonderful anatomy-inspired melon after a customer asked him if it was possible. These melons allow Kimura to express his love of food in an amusing new way.

Kimura’s heart-shaped watermelons turn healthy snacks into comfort foods. After all, what’s more comforting than heart-shaped edibles? Watermelons are already a summer favorite, but the shape of these hearty melons is sure to increase their popularity in Japan.

This tasty snack is definitely heart healthy, so growing them in the shape of hearts just seems to make sense. Fruit fans will be delighted by Hiroichi Kimura imaginative watermelon creations.