From Birthday Cake Cookies to Romantic Cookie Flavors

 - Sep 24, 2015
These unconventional Oreo flavors are far more exciting than the usual chocolate cookie and cream flavor. These tasty treats offer festive cookie flavors as well as bizarre confections.

With the fall season approaching, the exotic toasted coconut Oreo cookie may be an ideal choice, whereas the gingerbread Oreo and the red velvet cake Oreo are best enjoyed during the winter season. For the Oreo lovers with an undeniable sweet tooth, the cotton candy Oreo is built to satisfy just as much as the Neapolitan flavor.

These Oreo flavors also include a line of unusual cookie flavors such as the fried chicken Oreo that offers Southern cooking. A little sweetness comes from the fruit punch Oreo, which may be the ultimate summertime confection.