The Tree Heart Installation is Made from Construction Paper

 - Feb 3, 2013
References: ohhappyday
Guys looking for a way to cleverly display their utmost devotion and love to their girlfriends will want to take note, because this wonderfully whimsical paper heart installation is an easy-to-make heartfelt way to display your love.

Inexpensive and a truly loving gesture, this paper-made installation requires only a few simple materials such as colored paper, yarn, tape and scissors. Simply cut out various-sized heart shapes, tape the hearts to the yarns of string and then hang multiple pieces of your heart-shaped paper to any in-animate item, such as a tree.

Featured on the blog 'Oh Happy Day,' this paper heart installation is simple to make even for those not quite handy with arts and crafts projects, and is sure to make a great impression on those you love.